Fata Morgana

2018 - Brescia, Italy
Bringing the best pizza vibes in every home.

The Fata Morgana brand was born in 2018 when Roberto started locally marketing his own product. The brand's main strength lies in the craftsmanship of its products, strictly handmade by skilled workers.

The ear of wheat represents the craftsmanship, while the slice on the 'O' indicates both a pizza slice and the happiness that Fata Morgana aims to bring to every home.

Fata Morgana is a company that produces pre-cooked pizza bases, which consumers can top according to their preferences and bake in their own oven in just 5 minutes, obtaining a restaurant-quality pizza delivered right to their homes.

The packaging of Fata Morgana pizza bases is designed to clarify the product's usage, which, being new, may not always be immediately apparent to consumers. By leaving half of the bag transparent and half with the stuffed pizza base, it perfectly conveys its functionality and the result that each person can achieve: a delicious pizza cooked directly in their home oven.

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