Brescia Infrastrutture

Award winning branding project for the main cultural center in Brescia, MO[•]CA.

Branding - Brescia, Italy - 2020

MO.CA is a cultural center located in the center of Brescia. The organization takes its name from its location, situated at the intersection of Via Moretto and Via Cavour in the historical center of the city of Brescia.

The pictogram takes the form of two square brackets, both to recall the lines and shapes of a building and to indicate that the content of MOCA is variable, and therefore cannot be represented by a static symbol but needs the ability to vary and adapt.

After all, a building is nothing more than a structure that comes to life thanks to its content. The concept of the new MO[•]CA brand is born with the idea of representing the center of new cultures as a container of innovation and creativity.


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