The company's core business is the production of FKM components, obtained through injection molding and compression processes. Over the years, constant evolution highlights the company's international character: not just business growth, but a real human and environmental revolution that the company wants to convey with the rebranding.


Brand Design


Siliconiton srl

Building a brand is like climbing a mountain.
We started by analyzing the company goals to create a strategic plan that leans up with the organization vision and mission, re-evaluating the company founding pillars to communicate how Siliconiton has changed over the past decade.

Siliconiton aims to build strong and healthy connections, unleash passion in everyday work and guarantee their well-known quality. This is the company strong commitment build up on three founding pillars: People, Climate and Technology.

The Brand mark illustrates the relationships created and developed by Siliconiton between Customers and People, World and Ideas.

The Intersection is a visual representation of Siliconiton’s products functionality, a sealing point that is green highlighted with a leaf shape to enhance the Company to .

The historical blue colour of Siliconiton links the company past and their future.